Textile Care

Textile Washing

TOKO Eco Wash products are special ecological detergents for sports and leisurewear. Mild, finely balanced tenside combinations totally dissolve any dirt. Unlike traditional detergents, they contain no bleaching agents or fabric softeners which may adversely affect the clothing’s purpose. Textiles (e.g. Gore-Tex® or Sympatex®) are allowed to breathe freely.

Textile Waterproofing

TOKO Proof products provide optimum protection against rain, wet and dirt for weather protection clothing. Thanks to special components which are ideally suited for multifunctional textiles (such as Gore-Tex® or Sympatex®), the effect achieved after impregnation is comparable to the quality of a new article.

Simple application and controlled spray coating in small doses guarantees optimum protection. The fabric is allowed to breathe freely. The Wash-In solution offers an alternative and simple use even for several pieces of clothing.

Textile Care

Functional sportswear optimizes the transport of moisture away from the body and results in a feeling of comfort and wellbeing. Synthetic functional fabrics outperform cotton during physical activities because they are more efficient in transporting