Textile Waterproofing

TOKO Proof products provide optimum protection against rain, wet and dirt for weather protection clothing. Thanks to special components which are ideally suited for multifunctional textiles (such as Gore-Tex® or Sympatex®), the effect achieved after impregnation is comparable to the quality of a new article.

Simple application and controlled spray coating in small doses guarantees optimum protection. The fabric is allowed to breathe freely. The Wash-In solution offers an alternative and simple use even for several pieces of clothing.

The water repellent effect is based on the differential surface tension of the impregnated fabric. The greater the difference in the surface tension of two materials (in our case, fabric surface v. water droplets), the more pronounced the lyophobic effect between them. TOKO Proof products can alter the surface tension of textile fabrics such that water droplets will easily run off.

There are three versions of TOKO Proof products:

TOKO Proof, still the best possible solution for ultimate performance. Thanks to its fluorine components, TOKO Proof is extremely water-, oil- and dirt-repellent, offering very reliable and longlasting protection for your equipment.

TOKO Eco Proof offers a maximum protection against moistness – on a guaranteed ecological basis. The product specific formulas are each bluesign-certified and thus meet the highest ecological standards. Compared to other fluor-free waterproofings, TOKO Eco Proof is considerably simpler and more comfortably to use – and it guarantees a sustainable, breathable resisting power in inhospitable outdoor conditions.

TOKO Eco Wash-In Proof is used especially when several pieces of clothing are to be impregnated in an uncomplicated manner. The product specific formula is bluesign-certified and thus meets the highest ecological standards. The fluor-free waterproofing is simply carried out in the next washing. The sporting alternative for all those who want to quickly start off with an optimum weather protection.

Application of Sprays:

  • In einem Abstand von 20 – 30 cm gleichmässig von oben nach unten auf gewaschenes und trockenes Textil aufsprühen.
  • Allow to dry fully at room temperature.

Application of WASH-IN:

  • Add Eco Wash-In Proof to the soft rinse compartment or to the specific impregnation compartment.
  • The impregnation can be carried out during the washing with Eco Textile Wash or separately.
  • For optimum effectiveness of the waterproofing, place the washed / impregnated and damp clothing for 40 minutes in the dryer at normal temperature.