The TOKO Care Line products are also available as practical refills. This has good reasons and many advantages: Refilling saves resources, as each refill replaces one plastic bottle. It reduces waste because the containers are recycled and do not end up in the rubbish. And it saves money, because a refill costs significantly less than a new bottle.

The TOKO refill station – try it now!

Your benefits

  • Environmentally friendly: Each refill replaces one plastic bottle 
  • Sustainable: Refilling reduces the amount of waste.
  • Cheaper: A refill costs up to 20 percent less than a new bottle. 
  • Individual: You can also fill your own bottles/containers with TOKO quality. 
  • High quality: In the refill you can still be sure of absolutely professional quality for textiles and shoes. 



Do you have questions about the TOKO Care Line products? Then contact your TOKO partner in your area for more information They will be happy to explain the properties and correct use of the TOKO Care Line products. You can use the dealer locator to quickly and conveniently find your nearest dealer.

Dealer locator

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Sports and functional textiles have special cleaning and care requirements. The specialists at TOKO have therefore developed a special range of products that have outstanding quality and excellent properties

TOKO Care Line

  • Top Swiss quality and maximum effectiveness
  • Tried and tested best washing efficiency, even at low temperatures
  • Very long-lasting concentrate
  • Perfect impregnation with full functionality
  • No substances which attack functional textiles (no surfactants, bleaching agents or phosphates)
  • Ecologically exemplary products
  • Based on 100 years of experience

The Care Line products

Eco Wash

TOKO’s Eco Wash is the ecological and dermatologically tested special detergent for high-quality sports and functional clothing. It cleans gently yet intensively and, thanks to its innovative formulation, restores the optimal functionality of membrane textiles such as GORE-TEX®. TOKO’s Eco Wash is available as a universal version for all textiles and also as a high-quality special detergent for down and wool.


Eco Textile Wash 

Special detergent for high-quality sports and functional clothing 

  • Powerful and versatile, cleans clothing with minimum environmental impact 
  • Restores the optimum functionality of membrane textiles (e.g. GORE-TEX®) 
  • Without dyes, optical brighteners, bleaching agents or phosphates 
  • Ecologically and dermatologically tested 

Eco Wool Wash 

Ecological special detergent for wool and merino garments 

  • Cleans wool and other fine textiles particularly gently 
  • Optimal for high-quality sportswear made of merino wool
  • Special care balm provides intensive care for the fibres 
  • Protects against matting and keeps textiles soft and supple 

Eco Down Wash 

Special detergent for sleeping bags and clothing with down or synthetic filling 

  • Optimises the insulation performance by cleaning and loosening the filling 
  • Special care substances preserve the natural protection of the filling 
  • Preserves the fill power of the down 
  • Gentle and thorough cleaning thanks to active washing substances 

Textile Proof

Highly effective impregnation for long-lasting protection 

  • Effective against dirt and moisture
  • Ensures long-term functionality
  • Restores the fabric’s water-resistant, dirt and oil-repellent properties
  • Available as a high-end version (Textile Proof), ecological alternative (Eco Textile Proof) and as a conditioner for machine washing (Eco Wash-in-Proof)

Shoe Care

Impregnation and care for shoes

  • Eco Proof & Care provides intensive protection against water and dirt
  • Especially developed for leather and textile fabrics
  • Preserves the breathability of modern membrane textiles
  • Eco Shoe Fresh freshening spray neutralises odours for a pleasant fragrance
  • Without propellant


Equipment Care

Deep-acting care to increase the durability of your gear

  • Makes the fabric water repellent and dirt repellent
  • Ideal for tents, backpacks and other outdoor equipment
  • Easy to use and highly effective impregnation
  • Preserves the breathability of modern membrane textiles
  • Without propellant