Company — 16 Feb 2023

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with the Association of Swiss Mountain Guides (SBV). Just like TOKO, mountain guides in Switzerland care about sports in the mountains. And it's not just about experiencing the beautiful mountain world, but also doing so as safely as possible. Reason enough to support the education and training of mountain guides as a partner of the SBV.


But who is and what does the Swiss Mountain Guides Association do?

The Swiss Mountain Guides Association SBC exists since 1906 as a professional association and represents the interests of mountain guides, climbing instructors, hiking guides and rope access specialists. 

One of the main tasks of the SBC is the education and training of various mountain professions. With these nationally and internationally recognized trainings, SBC lays the foundation for professional leadership activities. Good risk management is one of the focal points in all SBC education and training. Anyone who has completed SBC training knows comprehensively how to provide guests with an enjoyable and safe mountain experience.

The SBC is committed to ensuring that new developments in alpine and rope technology are quickly incorporated into practice and that reliable standards are developed as a result. Furthermore, the SBC is committed to the careful use of nature and, in the interests of its members, to ensuring that access to the mountains is as free as possible.

The Swiss mountain guides enjoy a high reputation and recognition among all mountain sportsmen and women. The SBC and its members are a valuable Swiss label and stand for competence and quality.

We are looking forward to a great partnership for alpine sports in Switzerland!