World Cup — 12 Jan 2020

A bit of everything...


rain, snow, sun and gusty winds. Anyone travelling to Oberhof knew what to expect.

But as the saying goes... WHEN IN NEED, TOKO’S THERE! (RED) or TEXTIL PROOF!!!

Products from the House of TOKO have assisted athletes to win many a hard race. TOKO Textil Proof is meant to brave all weathers. Both men and women used HelX and Jetstream yellow to prepare their skis for the two races in the rain on the Thursday and Friday. On the Saturday and Sunday, Jetstream red and Helx red were our recommendations to win a place on the podium.  

The winners came from France, Norway and Finland. The German fans were delighted with the line-ups on 4 podiums – and they definitely made themselves heard in the stadium.

On Wednesday, the races continue in Ruhpolding... TOKO will be there and will keep you updated.

TOKO Racing Service: Torsten Thrän