Product innovations — 07 Feb 2023

The Structure Tool makes it even easier for you to glide better. In combination with the fluorine-free waxes from Toko you enjoy the best performance, because the base structure is often underestimated - and it makes you really fast. The best thing about it - it's easy - at home.


Why structure

Most skis are delivered with a universal structure or, if not specifically requested, a universal structure is ground on the machine at the sports dealer. With our structure device, the structure itself can be adjusted easily and depending on the day. This makes it possible to react individually to the temperature of the day and to influence the hardness of the base. In the World Cup, 95% of the races are worked with structure tools. However, there are many more different structures. But we want to keep it simple for you, with our well known temperature ranges yellow, red and blue you are well prepared for everyday use.


Structuring instead of sanding

Thanks to the reversible structure you can adjust your structure again and again. Because after using hot wax, with an iron, the structure is gone. Since polyethylene from the ski base returns to its original state when treated with heat, the ski does not always have to be re-sanded.


The structure splits water droplets and gets rid of excess moisture

Friction of the ski on the snow turns the snow crystals into water. The water droplets are split by the structure in the surface and transported away as quickly as possible. So you can enjoy your hours on the trail with as little resistance and effort as possible. Without structure, the water can freeze on the base, which leads to stud formation and performance losses.


Quick and easy application for top performance

First, the ski is prepared with hot wax. After the wax has cooled down, you can directly imprint the desired structure with the respective roller. The structure device is guided with body weight from ski tip to ski end. Here less is more! This means that you start with light pressure from the tip of the ski to the middle and work with a little more pressure from the middle of the ski to the end.

Because if you work with too much pressure in the front part of the ski, it can stop while running.

Finally, just spray on the Liquid Paraffin - done!


Why Liquid Paraffin after structure?

To get the best performance, we recommend using Liquid Paraffin as the final touch after structuring. The three products - yellow, red, blue - can be used to react to different temperatures in the short term - for optimum water and dirt repellency and the best gliding properties.


Tips & Tricks

If wax residues collect in the rollers, you can clean them optimally with the copper brush and Waxremover.