World Cup — 26 Jan 2020

Last week, the WC races took place in Pokljuka, Slovenia. They represent a preparation for the WC in both senses of the word. For one thing, it was the last event before the world championships taking place in Antholz in 2 weeks’ time. Secondly, next year, the world championships will be held on the converted routes here in Pokljuka.

The new route resembles a roller coaster with fast winding downhill runs and steep climbs. All in all, a cool thing.

On the routes in Pokljuka, Toko products are almost indispensable! The wide range of applications provided by Toko Jetstream and HelX red is particularly effective here. Along the routes, frequent shaded sections alternate with sunny sections. In the shaded sections the snow temperature may drop to -10°C but in the sunny stadium the snow temperature may only be 0°C.

The higher elevations and the external conditions in Pokljuka resemble the World Championship routes in Antholz. We look forward to the world championships and we will keep you updated!

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TOKO Racing Service: Torsten Thrän