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100% fluorfree. Why and how?

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Fluorine is a popular raw material with excellent properties that is used in many areas and products such as seat cushions, bags, floor coverings and coatings. However, when fluorine is released - when cooking with a damaged Teflon pan or heating wax - it also shows harmful properties for the body and the environment.

Research replaces fluorine

Fluorine cannot be replaced with a single substance. Years of research have gone into waxes and waterproofing agents that offer top performance without fluorine. TOKO uses innovative technologies to replace fluorine with a combination of different additives - for maximum water repellency, optimal gliding properties and high abrasion resistance.

Fluorfree - also in the Ski World Cup

Like fluorine, the new technologies ensure high top speed and long adhesion - exactly what fast skiers need. We continuously test the performance of our waxes with ski teams from the ÖSV, DSV or Swiss Ski. With podiums and victories in the Ski World Cup 2020/21, our fluorine-free waxes have already proven: Performance does not need fluorine.