Toko Express Wax For maximum fun!

TOKO Express Wax has been a guarantee for maximum skiing enjoyment for many years. Fast and easy to use, it is very popular with professional and amateur sports enthusiasts alike.

Toko Express

The leading product all along the line

Everything is so easy!

  • Fast and simple to use
  • One wax for all types of snow and temperatures
  • Ensures easier turning and gliding
  • Minimises fatigue and risk of injury
  • Ideal for all target groups Racing, Universal and Nordic
  • Various forms of application: Liquid wax, spray, sponge application, paste and rub-on
  • Unsurpassed Swiss TOKO quality
  • Express Universal and Nordic are environmentally friendly, based on natural raw materials and biodegradable

One for everything and everyone!

The versatile range with high-quality waxes

Express Racing Formula Wax

Ambitious alpine and cross-country skiers as well as snowboarders love this product. The reason: TOKO Express Racing Formula Wax guarantees an excellent performance and maximum skiing fun at all times.


Express Universal Wax

Skiers, snowboarders and backcountry skiers love TOKO Express Universal Wax. Guaranteed skiing enjoyment, long-lasting gliding properties as well as reliable coating protection speak for themselves – and for TOKO Express Universal, that is also biodegradable.


Express Nordic Wax

Demanding cross-country skiers wax enthusiastic with TOKO Express Nordic Wax. This product offers the very best properties and is very simple to use. It is naturally environmentally friendly as it is produced on an ecological basis.


Toko Tip

The ski wax in your pocket

Wenn’s mal nicht so gut läuft, hilft meist ein Griff in die Hosentasche. Denn wer Express von TOKO dabei hat, ist fein raus. Und kann mal eben seine Skier nachwaxen. Natürlich direkt vor Ort, schliesslich passt Express Mini oder Pocket in jede Tasche und kann somit problemlos überallhin mitgenommen werden. Das heisst: immer express waxen mit Express von TOKO.