TOKO. Enjoy the Seasons.

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TOKO Care Line. Protection and care for all Seasons

As the major specialist for high-quality equipment care, TOKO enjoys an international reputation.

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Toko Racing Wax Technology

With the 100 % Racing Technology products TOKO employs a high-tech formula that minimises the resistance between the ski coating and the running surface.

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Toko Express Wax The Express Way for Maximum Fun!

With TOKO Express, time-consuming waxing is a thing of the past.

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Products and Company

Toko Wax & Tools. For professionals, amateurs and beginners.

We love winter sports – and we particularly love anything that helps ski and snowboard professionals and talented amateurs to become even better.

Toko Care Line. We have the Solution.

If you enjoy outdoor life, you are most likely often exposed to wet, muddy conditions. The best solution to this problem – the new TOKO Care Line. With the new TOKO Care Line, every outdoor adventure is always full of enjoyment.

Swiss Technology

Swiss Technology stands for best Quality, Function & Care.

Since the founding of TOKO in 1916 the TOKO head office with company management, marketing, product management and Research & Development is based in Switzerland.

TOKO. Not just close, but right in the middle!

TOKO cares about the future of alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. In cooperation with organizations, teams and partners, we support various important events.

We protect nature, because we love it.

Nature and TOKO go inseparably hand in hand. We do everything we can to ensure that outdoor sports enthusiasts have the best conditions for their activities. We focus intensely on protecting nature while developing optimum TOKO products. The sustainable protection of our natural environment is a matter that is dear to our hearts.