Toko Wax & Tools For professionals, amateurs and beginners

Correct waxing means the skis and boards glide even more smoothly. Sharp edges ensure even greater safety.

Toko Products


For alpine, nordic, snowboarding and touring.

Top Finish Wax
High Performance Liquid Paraffin
Hot Wax
Express Racing Wax
Express Universal Wax
Express Nordic Wax



For nordic classic.

Grip Wax
Klister Spray




For alpine, nordic, snowboard and touring.

Base Tuning
Pads & Corks
Nordic Structure
Edge Tuning
Fixation Devices


Waxing with TOKO

And everything runs better

Correct waxing ensures improved and easier gliding of skis and boards as well as for perceivable extra safety during winter sports.

  • Ideal for beginners, amateurs and professionals
  • For Alpine, Nordic, snowboarding and touring
  • Well-waxed material enhances performance, safety and speed
  • Minimises effort, increases enjoyment
  • Guarantee for improved technique and smoother motion
  • Classic cross-country: Perfect kick for optimum running economy
  • Absolute top Swiss quality
  • With 100 years of TOKO experience



TOKO High Performance Liquid Paraffin

Real Fast. Real Clean. Real TOKO.

The latest generation of liquid waxes is a TOKO development. It is based on a special formula which ensures that the High Performance Liquid Paraffin penetrates directly into the microstructure of the ski base, a feature which guarantees the excellent properties of this product.

The High Performance Liquid Paraffin has already become a winner in the fields of Alpine, Nordic and snowboard. Enthusiastic amateur skiers will also appreciate the many advantages of the liquid wax as a universal wax.

Skin Tuning

Skin Cleaner
Skin cleaner.
Gentle cleaning fluid for cross-country skin skis and touring skins. It removes all types of dirt and residues from the skins.

New! Eco Skin Proof
Skin impregnation.
Ecological impregnation for skin skis/touring ski skins. Ecological protection against water.

The Express Way for Maximum Fun!

With TOKO Express, time-consuming waxing is a thing of the past. Alpine skiers, cross-country skiers and snowboarders can focus on the fun, as TOKO Express is fast and easy to use – simply apply, polish in and that’s it!

TOKO service guarantees success

High-tech approaches are becoming increasingly important in the World Cup, helping the whole competition to become even more professional. 100ths of a second now decide who wins and who loses.


Application Videos

Click through the TOKO application videos on our TOKO website. You will find helpful tips from our wax and tuning experts on the right way to use the TOKO products.

Video Tips

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