Speed To-Go

Easy and simple

Express Universal Wax

Perfect for skiers, snowboarders, and backcountry enthusiasts. Provides a safe ride, long-lasting glide performance, and easy application.



Express Wax Nordic

Universal liquid wax for cross-country skis. Equipped with a sponge applicator and integrated polishing felt in a convenient pocket-sized format.



Simple ski care

Anytime and anywhere

Universal liquid wax for every skier, snowboarder, or ski tourer. To maintain skis quickly and incredibly easily, without tools and even on the go.

Effortless application in cross-country skiing

Boundless care for passionate cross-country skiers

The ultimate solution to effortlessly keep your skis and the mechanical climbing aid in top form at all times.

Express Rub On

Universal rub-on wax for all sizes

The "To-go wax" for every skier, snowboarder, or ski tourer in a convenient pocket size. To keep your skis quickly, incredibly easily and efficiently in top condition.