Pioneers of Fluorine-Free Technology

For Clean Snow and a Clean Environment

Fluorine has been a popular ingredient for decades, found in various aspects of everyday life such as seat cushions, bags, floorings, and coatings.  

However, with increasing awareness about the potential harmful effects of fluorine compounds, the industry has undergone significant changes in recent years.

An environmentally conscious shift began, one that TOKO has been an advocate of from the outset and continues to drive forward.

Years of Research and Development

The Engine of Our Progress

Fluorine cannot be replaced by a single substance or element. Years of research and development have gone into the numerous waxes and impregnation agents that offer top performance without fluorine.

TOKO utilizes innovative technologies to replace fluorine with a combination of various additives - for maximum water repellency, optimal glide properties, and high abrasion resistance.

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We are fluorfree

Ski Wax and Care Line Without Fluor

Scientific findings are clear: the production, application and disposal of fluorine-containing ski waxes can result in the release of PFCs, which can be harmful to health and contribute to the overall contamination of water and soil.

Our new solutions have therfore been specifically developed to maintain the performance and quality expected by our customers at TOKO, while also minimizing the aforementioned negative impacts on the environment.

And what's equally important: we are not only protecting our environment, but also you.

FIS and IBU Fluor Ban in Worldcup

FIS and IBU Follow Suit

FIS and IBU are also fully implementing a new ban on fluorine waxes at the start of the 2023/2024 winter season for the first time.

In collaboration with a scientific technology manufacturer and in close coordination with the International Biathlon Union, FIS has developed a precise testing method for the upcoming winter season.

This will be the first winter since the beginning of the fluorine ski wax dynasty in the 1980s that no fluorine-containing waxes will be allowed to be used.