Toko Care Line We have the Solution

If you enjoy outdoor life, you are most likely often exposed to wet, muddy conditions. The best solution to this problem – the new TOKO Care Line. Because the TOKO Care Line products make sure that the function of high-tech textiles and equipment is fully restored.

The TOKO Care Line

offers a number of advantages

All products of the TOKO Care Line have one thing in common: Outstanding quality. This is not achieved by chance, but by the hard work of our specialists.

These advantages speak for themselves:

  • Top Swiss quality and maximum effectiveness
  • Proven excellent washing power
  • Very long-lasting concentrate
  • Perfect impregnation with full functionality
  • Free from substances that attack functional textiles
  • Ecologically exemplary products
  • Based on 100 years of experience

Eco Wash

Cleans clothing with minimum environmental impact

Powerful and versatile. The ecologically and dermatologically tested special detergent for high-quality sports and functional clothing restores the optimum functionality of membrane textiles (e.g. GORE-TEX®). TOKO’s Eco Wash is available as a universal version for all textiles and also as a high-quality special detergent for down and wool.

Textile Proof

Protects and ensures long-term functionality Textile Proof

Textile Proof is the best solution for protection in wet and muddy conditions. The fabric regains its water-resistant, dirt and oil-repellent properties. Textile Proof is a highly effective, high-end product. Eco Textile Proof is the ecological alternative with a good water-resistant performance. Eco Wash-in-Proof is very easy to use for normal impregnation in the machine washing and drying cycles.

Shoe Care

Protects and ensures long-term freshness

The best for your shoes. Proof & Care provides intensive impregnation against water and dirt in the high-performance range. The environmentally compatible Eco version ensures a good water-repelling performance. Both products were especially developed for the requirements of leather/textile fabrics. The very easy-touse Eco Leather Wax and Eco Leather Balm, both with a beeswax base, are ideal for sports and hiking shoes made of smooth leather. And finally the highly-effective Eco Shoe Fresh spray ensures a pleasant freshness – without the use of propellant gas.

Equipment Care

Increases the durability of your gear

Tents, rucksacks and other outdoor equipment need intensive care to maintain its long-term functionality. The easy-to-use Tent & Pack Proof effectively impregnates your gear. The CFC-free Eco Universal Fresh spray lends your equipment a pleasant freshness and can be used for different items such as tents, rucksacks and helmets as well as other types of equipment.

Toko Tip

Eco Functional Reactivator

  • For functional sports underwear
  • Special care with hygiene and freshness effect
  • Effectively minimises unpleasant odours
  • Anti-bacterial, adds freshness
  • Renews moisture transport
  • Anti-static effect
  • Do not use as a detergent!
  • Simply place in the fabric softener dispenser
  • Ideal for combination with Eco Wash Universal