Ski Touring Kit

Everything the touring enthusiast needs for the perfect tour and well-maintained gear: A kit that’ll keep your skins in good shape and preserve functionality, but also ensure optimal glide during the descent.

Art. No.: 5505003 Ski Touring Kit

Application and properties

  • Base Tex, Skin Cleaner, and Skin Proof for cleaning and waterproofing skins to keep them clean and dry and prevent the buildup of snow and ice

  • Natural Wax: the natural rub-on wax for improved gliding – 40 g box is also perfect for on-the-go use

  • Nylon brush and Thermo Cork to brush and polish the wax so the descent is even more of a blast

  • Ski Touring Strap to hold your touring skis together and attach them to your backpack



  • Base Brush Nylon (5545245)
  • Skin Cleaner, 100ml (5506508)
  • Skin Proof, 100ml (5582602)
  • Natural Wax, 40g (5501032)
  • Thermo Cork (5541004)
  • Express Ski Touring Strap (5546510)
  • Base Tex, 15 m (5560004)