Rain, snow, or moisture – nature presents various challenges for our clothing and outdoor equipment. However, a reliable waterproofing can make the difference between being soaked through and staying dry. In this context, Stiftung Warentest has highlighted a particularly exceptional waterproofing spray that not only outperforms the competition but also sets new standards: the Eco Textile Proof.

We will show you why this product not only surpasses the competition but also establishes new benchmarks for environmentally friendly weather protection. The Eco Textile Proof stands out not only for its outstanding performance but also for its sustainable approach.

Der Stiftung Warentest Testsieger

Waterproofing agents are not a minor matter - they are crucial for protecting your clothing and equipment against adverse weather conditions. High-quality waterproofing not only prevents soaking in the rain, but also protects against dirt, which can affect the lifespan of your textiles. Waterproofing sprays and detergents therefore play an indispensable role in the long-term preservation of your outdoor equipment.

Among the multitude of waterproofing agents, Eco Proof Textile has recently emerged as the shining test winner from Stiftung Warentest. This waterproofing spray not only offers first-class protection against water and dirt, but also relies on an environmentally friendly formula. Thoughtfully developed to ensure maximum performance with minimum environmental impact, our Eco Proof Textile is not only a protective shield for your clothes, but also for the environment.

The application of Eco Proof Textile is versatile and ideal for breathable and other textile fabrics. Specially developed to maintain the breathability of modern membrane textiles, this waterproofing spray meets the highest standards of performance and environmental friendliness. And the application? It's child's play:

  • Make sure that the material to be impregnated is clean and dry.

  • Then apply the spray outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

  • Hold the spray at a distance of about 20-25 cm from the material.

  • Spray evenly on the surface of the material. Make sure that you do not miss any areas.

  • Allow the impregnating agent to take effect according to the instructions on the product packaging.

  • If there is any excess after the exposure time, wipe it off with a clean cloth. Ready!