Since our first step into the world in 1916 the TOKO brand has embodied an unstoppable wave of innovation and unparalleled quality. The essence of TOKO revolves around the magical connection between humans and the mountains, athletes and the slopes/cross-country trails. Every TOKO ski wax and every tool that leaves our four walls is an absolute commitment to performance and the safety of all winter sports enthusiasts. But we are much more than just a reliable companion in winter, as our passion extends beyond the mountains into the vast realms of outdoor adventure. Our Care Line, which has proven itself millions of times over the years and is produced in Switzerland, has become an indispensable part of high-quality textiles, footwear, and other equipment in the DACH region.

Over the decades TOKO has built an unshakable reputation as a pioneer in the field of ski wax and maintenance. A glimpse into the fascinating history of our company reveals the deeply rooted tradition of innovation passed down from generation to generation.



Over the decades, our commitment to excellent performance and the highest quality has led to our own research laboratory being established in Altsätten and turning it into our center of innovation. It is the birthplace of groundbreaking discoveries and cutting-edge technologies that have revolutionized skiing. Here we combine passion, expertise and the latest technology to develop ski waxing solutions that are second to none. Our experts work day after day to push the boundaries of what is possible and develop ski wax types that are tailored to the individual needs of every skier.

Our long-standing dedication to research has made us not only pioneers in the ski wax industry but also undisputed surface experts. Our team of highly qualified experts and sports lovers have developed a deep understanding of the physical properties of ski surfaces and continually work on the latest trends and developments in the outdoor industry. Our invaluable know-how is also based on close cooperation with numerous top athletes and associations. The valuable insights and requirements of these relationships flow directly into the development of all products at TOKO.


We protect our nature

  • When it comes to raw materials, what is most important to us is environmental compatibility, biodegradability and the use of renewable raw materials

  • Publication of certified products in the OEKO-TEX® web portal

  • All products are 100% fluorine-free and leave no impact on the environment

  • Through our regional focus and commitment to environmental protection, we can offer a unique, environmentally friendly approach, which leads to a competitive advantage in the market


Corporate values of the Brav Group
Over 300 employees world-wide participated in choosing the name of Brav. In Norwegian, “brav” means courageous, dauntless, valiant, precise and straightforward. Together with the values of teamwork and passion, these terms reflect Brav’s value platform.

Turning dreams into memories
Brav’s vision lends the company a solid framework of values and aims. Brav is the purveyor of joy and happy memories for active families. Brav creates an inspiring environment for its employees and is the travelling companion of adventurers and partner to top athletes who are fighting their way to winning medals.

Memories make us what we are. Dreams spur us on to be want we want to be. Brav helps form a link between these two.