Since TOKO was started over 100 years ago, our brand with its rich tradition has stood for continuous innovation and first-class quality. The specialist for surfaces develops and produces a variety of waxes from beginner products through to absolute high-tech waxes. TOKO waxes and tools provide skis and boards with top performance and extra safety on the slopes. TOKO is also very much at home in the outdoor sector. Products from the Care Line have proven themselves a million times over when it comes to retaining continuous top functionality and long life for textiles, shoes and other equipment.

Users all over the world from beginners and enthusiastic amateurs through to professional athletes rely on one brand to obtain a perfect surface: TOKO.

TOKO Swiss Technology. This formula stands for the best in quality, function and care. Since the company was started and the TOKO brand was introduced in 1916, the TOKO head offices comprising the executive management, marketing, product management and research and development divisions have always been located in Switzerland.

Close to the athletes

TOKO has been traditionally attending all major national and international skiing events for many decades – providing active support to athletes and service teams from around the world.

Numerous successes in the Alpine and Nordic skiing disciplines were made possible by the skis that were perfectly waxed by TOKO. The best evidence of these achievements is provided by the innumerable medals and victories at Olympic Games, world and European competitions as well as World Cup races.


Toko is the specialist for perfect surfaces

TOKO often focuses closely on the topic of surfaces. In the field of research and development our specialists work daily on creating the basis for top-class surfaces. On the one hand the athletes need optimally treated ski coatings to ensure their success and enjoyment. On the other the surface of the equipment – clothing, tents, rucksacks and more – must be water-repellent, durable and still fully functional. In both cases one name stands for maximum surface competence: TOKO.

TOKO develops high-tech waxes for skiers and high-quality care products for equipment. TOKO's customers can rely on the best-possible performance and the long-term function of their equipment. As we have been very successful in this field for more than 100 years, with its tremendous experience TOKO is rightly regarded at the leading surface specialist


We protect nature, because we love it.

Nature and TOKO go inseparably hand in hand. We do everything we can to ensure that outdoor sports enthusiasts have the best conditions for their activities. We focus intensely on protecting nature while developing optimum TOKO products. The sustainable protection of our natural environment is a matter that is dear to our hearts.

Naturally Eco, naturally from TOKO

TOKO Eco is a development that combines performance with eco-compatibility like no other.

  1. When selecting our raw materials we look very closely at their environmental compatibility, biodegradability and also their renewability.
  2. The ISO-certifi ed products in Switzerland always ensure resource-conserving manufacturing processes.
  3. Switzerland as a production location also ensures short transport routes and we also minimise the number of shipments.

TOKO relies on TESTEX® certification for Care Line

TESTEX® is a leading testing and certification institute for textiles and related products. The declared goal of TESTEX® is to provide support to customers on their path towards the production of high-quality textile products.


TOKO Care Line products:


The critical substances perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) are not contained in any of the TOKO Care products. All TOKO Care and Proof products are 100 % fluor free.

ECO PASSPORT certification

ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® supports sustainable chemicals management and goes beyond legal requirements in the field of
textile chemicals, colourants and auxiliaries.

• Independent, two-stage verification procedure
• Transparent and easily reproducible assessment process
• Publication of certified products in the OEKO-TEX® web portal

TOKO Care Line products bearing the ECO PASSPORT label were verified for ecological compatibility by TESTEX®, the Swiss testing and
certification institute.

TOKO is a Brav brand


The change of name from Swix Sport Group to Brav reflects the fact that the group has evolved into a house of brands covering several international brands: Swix, Lundhags, TOKO, Ulvang, Helsport, Skisporet and Swix TeamWear. The Brav Group has subsidiaries in 8 countries and distributes its brands in over 30 countries. It was a conscious decision to choose Brav as the new group name since it is not linked to any proprietary brand name but still connects all the brands together.

Corporate values of the Brav Group
Over 300 employees world-wide participated in choosing the name of Brav. In Norwegian, “brav” means courageous, dauntless, valiant, precise and straightforward. Together with the values of teamwork and passion, these terms reflect Brav’s value platform.

Turning dreams into memories
Brav’s vision lends the company a solid framework of values and aims. Brav is the purveyor of joy and happy memories for active families. Brav creates an inspiring environment for its employees and is the travelling companion of adventurers and partner to top athletes who are fighting their way to winning medals.

Memories make us what we are. Dreams spur us on to be want we want to be. Brav helps form a link between these two.

TOKO History

TOKO – Innovation rooted in tradition

In TOKO’s long history, this global brand has often made history – with top-class products and pioneering innovations in the wax and care sectors.

If there is a common theme that runs through TOKO’s history, it is the tremendous and uninterrupted power of innovation of this skiing sport specialist from Switzerland. Combined with its proximity to both professional and amateur athletes, TOKO has become an integral element of the world of skiing sports. TOKO means skiing fun!


Historical TOKO advertising film

Brief summary of the long TOKO history:

  • 1916 Foundation of the company “Tobler & Co.” by Jakob Tobler
  • 1933/34 Company name change to ToKo AG
  • 1940 Market launch of the legendary rub-on wax 1-3-5
  • 1948 First official waxing service at the St. Moritz Olympics
  • 1975 Hot wax concept with the colour concept of yellow (hot), red (medium) and blue (cold) still valid today
  • 2003 Toko acquired by the Mammut Sports Group
  • 2010 Toko comes to Swix. Foundation of Toko-Swix Sport AG in Altstätten, Switzerland.
  • 2012 Market launch of the innovative Hot Wax range
  • 2014 Further innovations: Top Finish range/JetStream Powder 2.0, JetStream Bloc 2.0 and HelX 2.0
  • 2016 Company jubilee: TOKO celebrates its 100th anniversary
  • 2017 Year of innovations and new launches – e.g. the new Care Line
  • 2018 TOKO is a Brav brand. 
  • 2020 Launch of Top Finish 3.0
  • 2021 The complete TOKO product range is fluorfree