Know-How — 21 Dec 2022

For some time now, the topic of fluorine in ski waxes has been present again and again. Especially in the racing scene it is the trigger of many discussions, since FIS and IBU want to ban ski waxes with fluorine, but the fluorine ban has been postponed for the repeated time.


For about 35 years, fluorine has been considered the ingredient in ski waxes that make skis fast. But time continues to evolve. Studies show possible dangers of fluorine. Even though not everything has been researched in detail, a ban on fluorine from various products, including ski waxes, is very likely. On the one hand by the FIS and the IBU, on the other hand by regulations by the European Union.


What is behind the issue of fluorine in ski waxes, what role fluorine plays in the Ski World Cup and how important fluorine is for amateur athletes are discussed by three experts in the following video. Steffen Hoos, Head of Racing at TOKO leads the conversation and asks the right questions to Roger Wachs, Head of Service Nordic at Swiss Ski and the Head of Wax Development at TOKO, Dr. Stefan Jung.


Watch the expert talk now and get your own impression!