Company — 26 Oct 2022

You value high-quality functional textiles - you buy the expensive leather hiking boots, a Gore-Tex jacket, hiking pants or a functional shirt, for the optimal equipment on your outdoor adventure.


But buying expensive functional textiles is not enough - at least not forever.

After a while, you notice that your jacket or pants soak up water in the rain or even get completely wet at some point. New textiles are finished by the manufacturer, but the impregnation wears off after some wear - for example through friction.

Many think that the function of high-quality textiles lasts forever and are then disappointed when this is not always the case.

There is a very simple solution. Impregnate the textiles after some time and they are like new again. The jacket is water repellent again and stays dry.


Functional jackets can be washed!

It is a misconception that a functional jacket (such as Gore-Tex) can not be washed or washed very rarely. It can be washed. It applies here - as often as necessary - as with all clothes. However, it is very important to use the right detergent. Detergents should not contain dyes, optical brighteners, bleaches or phosphates. These attack the fibers of the membrane and functional textiles and thus impair the function. In the worst case, water repellency is then no longer present. Functional detergents such as Eco Textile Wash were made for functional textiles. They develop their best washing power at low washing temperatures and are very gentle.


Your leather shoes become brittle and hard? They also need to be taken care of. First of all, it is important to clean your shoes regularly. Since leather is an organic material, dirt and dryness make it brittle. Additional care maintains the suppleness of the leather. With high-quality leather care products, such as Leather Balm or Wax, you can do something good for your leather shoes, so that they are your faithful companions for many years. The leather becomes soft and water and dirt repellent.


Do you know this too? Your new expensive functional shirt stinks after a few minutes and has yellow edges under the arms?

There are functional textiles that are not properly finished - i.e. the fiber has not been additionally treated - and then cannot fulfill their function - sweat wicking, moisture transport, antistatic. This is often the case with polyester-based running shirts. Polyester is basically a water- and therefore sweat-repellent material. But with a running, fitness or yoga shirt, you want it to not sweat excessively, i.e. to wick sweat away and dry. Without proper "equipment" the shirt will not dry and it will quickly start to smell unpleasant.

But there is no reason to discard this clothing or just leave it in the closet. Simply wash your functional textile with the Eco Textile Wash and the Eco Functional Reactivator in the additional compartment. The Reactivator activates the desired function of the fiber. You will feel a difference after the first wash. After a few washes, the function is completely restored. The shirt no longer stinks, it absorbs sweat and yellow edges under the arms are gone.

It is best to wash the newly purchased shirt directly with Eco Functional Reactivator to prevent the problem and repeat this at regular intervals (not every wash).


All in all, if you take care of your favorite items, you'll enjoy them longer and, by the way, you'll contribute a little bit to the sustainable use of resources.