Inside TOKO — 17 Mar 2023

If you like to be outside a lot, you often have to deal with wetness and dirt. Crossing a river while hiking, a surprising rain shower without getting your jacket and shoes wet. With the right impregnation, every outdoor adventure becomes a pure pleasure - because wetness can no longer harm you.

What does impregnation mean? Which impregnation agents are suitable for what, what are the differences and why is it necessary to impregnate? We clarify all questions around the topic!

Your functional and outdoor equipment should be impregnated regularly to protect you from moisture. With our impregnation sprays you get an optimal protection against moisture and the breathability of your jacket or pants is maintained. Especially with membrane clothing, refreshing the impregnation is important to maintain the functionality and breathability. This means that with a sports jacket, air and sweat are still transported to the outside.

All textiles that are worn as the outermost layer of clothing and are intended to protect against moisture. Functional textiles such as Gore-Tex jackets, rain, softshell and down jackets, hiking or functional pants such as Lundhags, ski jackets and ski pants, textile shoes, running shoes, gloves, hiking boots, soccer shoes, backpacks, sleeping bags and tents.

This is individual depending on the use of the equipment, as it depends on many factors. For example, if you often wear a backpack, there will be abrasion on the shoulder area and therefore the water repellency of your jacket will decrease more quickly in this area. Then you have to impregnate more often.

If the water drops on the textile no longer roll off nicely, the jacket should be re-impregnated.

After every wash. So that the optimal protection is restored. But also when you notice that the water drops no longer roll off nicely and the moisture is absorbed, it is time to impregnate.

Textiles and shoes should be clean before impregnation. First wash textiles with a functional detergent (e.g. Eco Textile Wash). Then allow to dry completely and only then impregnate. Spray the agent evenly onto the outer material at a distance of approx. 25 cm. The jacket should not be wet from the impregnation agent - much does not help much ;)

Then hang the impregnated textile in the sun and let it dry for at least 4 hours.

Here you can find the application video tips

For a long-lasting intensive impregnation of your high-quality weather protection clothing with or without membrane, we recommend Textile Proof or our ecological impregnation Eco Textile Proof. The Textile Proof is available with aerosol as a spray can and the Eco Textile Proof is alcohol-based in a pump sprayer. 

Our ecological wash-in impregnation is used when several garments without membrane are to be treated in the washing machine without complications. For children's clothing, leisure wear and for your outdoor clothing without membrane - with this product you can impregnate the textiles easily and quickly in the washing machine.

To give textile shoes a long life, we recommend Shoe Proof & Care or the ecological Eco Shoe Proof. The Shoe Proof&Care is available with aerosol as a spray can and the Eco Shoe Proof is alcohol-based in a pump sprayer. 

For leather shoes we recommend the Leather Balm or Leather Wax. The Balm is available in an aluminum can with a sponge and the Leather Wax in a practical tube with a sponge applicator.

All textile shoes that need to be waterproof. Impregnation keeps them dry and clean longer.

Tent&Pack Proof is suitable for this purpose. This is in an extra-large spray can, so you can impregnate larger areas.

New outdoor clothing or equipment is generally impregnated, but this wears off after some time. Therefore, impregnate regularly for optimal protection.

Shoes should be impregnated before wearing them for the first time.

The Wash-In Proof is suitable for children's clothing, leisurewear or outdoor clothing without membrane. With this product you can impregnate the textiles easily and quickly in the washing machine. The impregnation can be done parallel to the washing process with Eco Textile Wash or separately. After washing, the textile should be dried in the dryer to activate the impregnation.

It is often said that rain or functional jackets should not be washed often because they lose their function. This is partly true. It is important to wash them with the right detergent. We recommend Eco Textile Wash, it does not contain dyes, optical brighteners, bleaches or phosphates, which can attack the functional textiles and negatively affect the membrane function.

Impregnate your equipment, so that you come dry through the rain and longer enjoy your textiles.