Natural Speed hot wax blue

Natural hot wax for discerning skiers. The natural wax for a memorable on-piste experience, a delightful time on the cross-country trail out in nature, a masterful rhythm in deep powder, or a thrilling journey touring through the mountains.

-12 °C — -24 °C 10 °F — -11 °F
-10 °C — -20 °C 14 °F — -4 °F
Art. No.: 5502062 120 g 4.23 oz
Art. No.: 5501035 40 g 1.41 oz

Application and properties

  •  Great gliding properties

  • Long-lasting performance thanks to great abrasion resistance

  • Blue/Cold - For cold and aggressive snow conditions
  • Contains plant-based waxes, such as sunflower wax

  • Beeswax aroma makes for pleasant processing

  • Recyclable packaging to protect the environment