Performance Liquid Paraffin red

Easy-to-use liquid wax for really ambitious recreational athletes. Quick and clean in just a few steps for improved performance in average snow temperatures. With fluor-free TripleX-Technology. Also perfect for racing and training.

-4 °C — -12 °C 25 °F — 10 °F
-2 °C — -11 °C 28 °F — 12 °F
Art. No.: 5502057 100 ml 3.38 fl oz

Application and properties

  • Great gliding properties and wax longevity
  • Perfect for use as a simple finish after hot waxing or for touching up the base after basic tuning
  • Perfect for racing and practice
  • Wide coverage of average snow temperatures
  • 100% fluor-free, with TripleX-Technology
  • Super simple, clean, and fast processing: spray on, let dry, polish
  • Take it to a perfect polish with the Polishing Brush Liquid Paraffin