The World Cup standard TOKO racing wax has outstanding properties and offers a range of advantages.

The highest World Cup standard

Real fast!

The liquid waxes of the High & Base Performance Liquid Paraffin range are very easy to use. All you have to do is simply spray it on, leave to dry for around 30 minutes and polish with the TOKO Polishing Brush Liquid Paraffin.

Real clean!

In comparison to conventional hot waxes, use of the liquid racing waxes is very clean, as the Liquid Paraffin enables fully dust and chipfree preparation and also reduces soiling.

Real TOKO!

The latest generation of liquid waxes is a TOKO development. It is based on a special formula which ensures that the Liquid Paraffin penetrates directly into the microstructure of the ski base, a feature which guarantees the excellent properties of this product.

Many advantages + less work = best performance

The TOKO Liquid Paraffin

Users of the Liquid Paraffin will appreciate the excellent product qualities and its many advantages:

  • Simple to use
  • Completely dust and chip-free preparation
  • Fast drying
  • Maximum water and dirt repulsion
  • Top performance
  • Very long-lasting wax adhesion
  • Can be perfectly combined with TOKO Hot Wax and TOKO Top Finish products
  • For professionals and ambitious amateurs


e-Academy for High Performance Liquid Paraffin



Ideal for professionals and ambitious amateurs

Alpine and Nordic

Application for professionals

The High Performance Liquid Paraffin has already become a winner in the fields of Alpine, Nordic and snowboard. It is an excellent adhesion promoter and therefore ideal for base preparation.

Application for ambitious amateurs

The Liquid Paraffin also has a great deal to offer ambitious amateurs. It’s really easy: Simply spray on, leave to dry for around 30 minutes and polish with the new TOKO Polishing Brush Liquid Paraffin – and that’s it!

Good old days? Modern times!

The ski service teams used to have to prepare the skis the evening before the race in the cellar of a hotel or in the service truck – a lot of work preparing a number of pairs of skis for all possible snow, weather and temperature conditions. This is really time-consuming and not very resource-conserving.

In the future, the ski service team of the racing team will just have to take a relaxed look out of the window. TOKO’s new Liquid Paraffin is then simply sprayed on depending on the snow, weather and temperature conditions. After a quick drying time the ski base is polished with the TOKO Polishing Brush Liquid Paraffin.

TOKO Hot Wax

Depending on the base condition, pre-treatment with TOKO Hot Wax is still recommended.


Application Videos

Click through the TOKO application videos on our TOKO website. You will find helpful tips from our wax and tuning experts on the right way to use the TOKO product

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