Edge preparation has a significant influence on the performance of your skis or snowboard on the slopes. This is because edge preparation refers to the optimal preparation of the edges to ensure a certain grip and maneuverability. Correct and, above all, comprehensive edge preparation is therefore crucial to not only have better control in different snow conditions, but also to extend the service life of your equipment.

We'll show you in a few simple steps how you too can become an absolute edge specialist with just a few tools at home!

This is how you proceed:

Step 1: Planing the sidewall
When planing the sidewall, it is important that the file rests on the sidewall. A common mistake is to start filing too early, before enough sidewall material has been removed with the Sidewall Planer. This could lead to uneven edge preparation. Make sure you are patient and prepare the sidewall carefully before you start the actual filing.

Step 2: Prepare the edge
If there is any damage to the edge, it is important to prepare it. A mistake here would be to be too rough or apply uneven pressure, which could result in an uneven edge structure. Use Spare Abrasive sandpaper or Spare Diamond coarse for the Ergo Race or Express Tuner and work gradually to ensure even preparation of the edge.

Step 3: Filing the side of the edge
When filing the side edge, it is important to select the correct angle settings. A common mistake is not adjusting the side edge angle to personal preference or ski discipline. Make sure to adjust the Ergo Race or Express Tuner accordingly. Another mistake would be to apply too much pressure to the file or to move it unevenly over the edge, which can lead to a blurred edge. Work with measured pressure in an even stroke to achieve a sharp edge.

Step 4: Deburr and polish the edge

When deburring and polishing, it is important to use the diamond file correctly. One mistake could be to press the file too hard on the edge, which can lead to excessive material removal. Pull the diamond file over the edge 2-3 times with light pressure to remove burrs and polish the edge. These detailed instructions will help you avoid the most common mistakes and achieve a precise side edge preparation. Make sure you use the tools correctly and carry out the steps with care to achieve optimum results. Good luck on the slopes!