Know-How — 21 Mar 2023

When the temperatures rise in March and April, it also gets warmer in the mountains, then skiing is really fun. But the snow starts to get softer, wetter or slushy. Do you know the feeling when the skis no longer glide well or even "stick to the snow"? With the right ski wax, you can avoid this suction effect in the slushy snow and ski wonderfully even in warm conditions.


What happens to the snow when it gets warmer?

Moist old snow crystals are rounder than new snow crystals and therefore less abrasive. When snow crystals are warmed to 0 degrees, they begin to melt. The resulting water forms a larger contact surface in the form of a water film between the ski base and the snow, thus increasing friction and the suction effect. 


Suction effect in slushy snow - What is it and what can I do about it?

A suction effect occurs when the water no longer beads off the ski base and thus a vacuum is created between the ski base and the snow. Since the snow crystals melt faster due to the friction with the ski, we have to deal with the suction effect more in spring than when the temperatures are more wintry and the snow crystals are harder. Air spaces between the running surface and the snow prevent the suction effect.

In case of snow temperature 0 - -6C° we recommend the yellow hot wax. It is optimized to make the water drops roll off the ski base. Tip: Before skiing or after the basic preparation, spray the yellow liquid kerosene over it once more, polish and the perfect spring ski is ready.

In addition, you can also pack an Express Pocket or Mini in your backpack to freshen up your ski coat at lunchtime.


How to get the best waxing results for warm conditions

The ski must be dry and clean before waxing. Here we recommend cleaning with a wax remover. Evenly drip yellow ski wax onto the ski base with an iron and then iron it in. Follow the temperature instructions for the iron on the packaging of the hot wax. After ironing in the ski wax, allow it to harden for at least 30 minutes, then remove it with the Plexi Blade in the direction of travel.

Finally, spray the yellow Liquid Paraffin evenly and let it dry. Once the wax is dry - about 30 minutes - polish with the Liquid Polishing Brush. Done.


And then it's off to the slopes or the cross-country ski trail to have some real fun before your skis get a summer break for a few months.